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Luke Hay

User Experience, Research & Planning, Consultancy

Analytics for UX training course - early bird tickets on sale

Early bird tickets are available to Wired Sussex Members until mid-September. 

The course will focus on Google Analytics but will also touch upon other analytics packages and techniques. We’ll look at analytics from a UX perspective highlighting practical uses and helping to demystify the data.

Google Analytics can be a difficult beast to tame. There are over 500 different default reports, not to mention an almost unlimited amount of custom reporting options. It’s not a tool that’s easy to pick up without some guidance and that’s where this workshop will help. The workshop will focus on which reports to ignore, as well as those that are worth focusing on. 

Knowledge of analytics will help to make you a better UXer because you’ll be able to:

  • Back-up your discussions with data
  • Quickly get a big picture of what’s going on with your products
  • Help your team understand what’s actually going on
  • Find out which areas of your product need work
  • Decide where to focus qualitative research
  • Use analytics as a starting point for your user research
  • Setup benchmarks for service/product success
  • Measure and report on design changes in an unbiased manner
  • Ultimately guide your company to better decisions

For full information, and to book your tickets, visit my website.