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Luke Hay

User Experience, Research & Planning, Consultancy

Client testimonials

  • Thanks again for the excellent workshop. As a now former and rather ashamedly absolute novice, that was exactly what I needed.

    Feedback on Analytics for UX training
    Michael Dravnieks, UX Consultant at Coast Digital

  • This was a great course that started with the basics and built onto increasing your knowledge. Having a small group is great so you can be more interactive and get individual attention.

    Feedback on Analytics for UX training
    Natalie Wilcox, Groupon

  • Luke clearly explained the basics of Google Analytics and helped us to understand some more technical aspects that we were able to apply to our business to track user journeys. We were very impressed with Luke’s knowledge as well as his calm delivery.

    Feedback on Google Analytics training
    Victoria Clowe, The Pensions Regulator