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Strategic Management Partners

Strategy, Business Services, Investment

Who we are

Led by Clive Bonny since 1990 we are grant funded to help enterprises win new business across corporates, public sector, private and social enterprises. We introduce our clients to additional markets, reduce their operating costs, stimulate business development, and improve service quality. Certified to search and register IP trademarks and designs, advise on risk management and access to finance

What we do

We help startups and SME's develop their supply chains and strategic management partnerships to win new business. We find grants and equity funding for sales, marketing, quality management services, business continuity planning and intellectual property protection.

Who we do it for

We have worked in UK and abroad with high growth private companies, third sector not-for-profits, professional bodies, trade associations, and start ups. Organisations wanting to improve their operational resilience and sustainability will find us supportive. Our website provides free short videos and podcasts on access to finance, business development and brand IP protection