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Protect Your Intellectual Property Assets

Your Intellectual Property “IP” Assets: How to Protect Your Business Value


Your business IP asset value is likely to be more valuable than the sum of your buildings, plant and equipment. Trademarks, designs, copyright, website content, client details, staff identities, operating processes, and training materials are all part of your IP. Yet over 90% of all businesses fail to protect their IP assets. Companies lose vital data through online and hard copy theft. Staff leavers often disclose employer IP to subsequent employers. Firms lose essential customers, suppliers and staff every year with poor controls.


Three main reasons to engage:

1.You will identify your key IP asset risks

2.You will learn how to register and maintain IP assets

3.You will see examples of the good, the bad and the ugly


Who should attend:

SME Directors, Brand and Design Managers, Risk and Reputation advisors

Speaker profile:

Clive Bonny, MD of Strategic Management Partners Ltd, is an IP advisor Certified by the Intellectual Property Ofiice, a Certified dispute mediator and ESG assessor for UK Responsible Business Standards. He is professionally qualified to advise on business continuity planning and risk management. His work with small to medium high growth enterprises is often supported by grant funding from public bodies. His online presentations share in a pragmatic way common pitfalls and the biggest opportunities for organisations to capitalise IP assets and sustainability.

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