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Strategic Management Partners news - Wed 06-09-2023


Clean Growth UK is a consortium of University partnerships supporting low carbon innovation enterprises across the UK. Their wide range of support programmes includes the funding of experienced qualified consultants to deliver group webinars and one-to-one tailored advice and training to SME owner managers. Clean Growth UK evolved from the successful development of the Green Growth Platform 2014 to 2019 which supported over 1000 SME’s with ERDF UK funding. After open tendering in 2014 they contracted a team of independent consultants including Clive Bonny at Strategic Management Partners. In 2019 after 5 years of successful support with Green Growth Platform Clive was retained for ongoing SME training and advice with Clean Growth UK who, by 2023, had extended their support to over 2000 SME’s.       


Clive’s scope of support has covered the full life-cycle of SME innovation development from start-up concept testing and product design through IP protection to full commercialisation. Project support typically provided short regular interventions lasting three months, and involved strategic business canvas tools, QA compliance, market research, stakeholder mapping, digital adoption, environment and social impact ESG standards, B2B and B2C routes to market, due diligence checks for equity funding, and introductions to potential partners to accelerate growth.


The flexibility of support times and places have helped busy SME owner managers to make and keep appointments. Group webinar bookings are made several weeks in advance, with one-to-one advice online or face to face at locations accessible to clients. After every review Clive emails the University a written report with next actions which is approved and signed by the client. Clive’s clients have developed diverse products and services across many low carbon sectors including recycling of plastics and textiles, vegan and insect foods, environmental conservation services, energy-saving devices, safe cleaning products, new building infrastructure materials, eco-tourism, sustainable clothing materials,  e-book publishing, air and water purification, hydrogen energy, eco-packaging, electric vehicles, windfarm design, bioplastics, marine based textiles, healthcare mobility and biophilic building design. Clive also produced a series of accessible online education videos tailored for SME owner managers covering IP and brand sustainability, business continuity planning, and access to private equity funding.        


Mark Riminton at the University of Brighton says “We have known and worked closely with Clive Bonny over the last seven years in his capacity as a strategic coach for our Green Growth Platform and can wholeheartedly testify to his integrity, broad expertise, and commitment to supporting micro enterprises. The Green Growth Platform, part of the University of Brighton, supports the growth of SMEs bringing to market low carbon goods & services.”