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Responsible Business Standard comes to Brighton

The Challenge

A national standard for responsible business practice is being offered to Brighton and Hove enterprises. The scheme recognises achievements by organisations for environmental and social responsibility. It promotes enterprise activities which conserve natural resources and support community development projects.

Local MP Mike Weatherley says “We have unique community strengths in successful social enterprises. This Standard combines best practice for social and environmental activities, improving the sustainability of our local resources, and enhancing Brighton and Hove as a great place to live and work”.     

The Standard is tailored for small to medium sized organisations in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Business Excellence Awards Assessor Clive Bonny adds “Business continuity planning is difficult in the new economy. This standard reduces waste and unnecessary costs, and improves the marketability of an organisation to larger supply chains”.

Local organisations are endorsing the scheme as a cost-effective way to apply a quality management process without bureaucracy. Ambrose Harcourt, whose local enterprise activities span over 25 years, says “Our City has over 20,000 small enterprises, many being too small to adopt  ISO Standards. The Responsible Business Standard is cost-effective and suitable for even micro-businesses”.