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The Challenge

High tech sports equipment is helping runners sustain their fitness to boost charity donations. A leading UK sports and occupational health clinic is offering advanced video analysis to keep runners on their feet. As a result charities are winning more funds from fun runners who can run longer distances without injury.

Brighton based Stride UK and sister company Studio57 Clinic take people through their paces using “video gait analysis”. This advanced equipment films runners on a specially designed ortho-gait treadmill. The video software calibrates and diagnoses whole body movements. A fitness specialist then advises changes to running techniques which prevent injury and improves running comfort and whole body fitness.

Physiotherapy clinic owners Elle and Mitchell Phillips say “Over 100,000 people a year raise funds with running and injuries are increasing. Our 360 degree clinical analysis of muscles and joints can prevent this and our customers leave with a specific action plan to safely run with more fun.” The clinic facilities are open to employers who support staff fundraising and wish to prevent injury absence from work.

Studio57 won 6 months of subsidised business development support with GrowthAccelerator coach Clive Bonny. Clive says “Elle and Mitch have made great strides in developing their occupational health services in the last 6 months. They can save employers thousands of pounds in preventing staff absence off work. We are now liaising with employers and clinical commissioning groups to make this equipment more widely available and reduce pressure on local health services.”

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