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  • Subject: Writing Rites And Wrongs - Book Review Hi Clive, Thanks a lot for sending this across. I managed to read through all of it yesterday. If I were to describe this book in 3 words, I'd say that it is clear, concise and compelling. It serves as a useful reference guide that gives a brief yet comprehensive overview of how to convey your message effectively and quickly in writing for business. The book is easy to read through as every page covers a single main topic. An essential source for anyone who wants to improve his or her business writing skills. I would highly recommend this to my students

    Nouf Alkhaja
    Founder of ENLITE Training Institute

  • The Big Lemon is proud to be the first organisation in Brighton and Hove to commit to achieving the Responsible Business Standard. This is a nationally recognised quality benchmark which supports our key business principles of environmental and social responsibility. We have chosen an independent certified consultant, Clive Bonny, to advise us and audit our progress. This ensures we can show our supply chain that we have objective relevant and sufficient evidence of our activities supporting our quality management processes in the key areas of community support and environmental conservation. Tom Druitt MD of The Big Lemon worked with Clive Bonny showcasing recycling at the Brighton Aldridge Community Academy Clive Bonny said "The Big Lemon have made a big impact on the world of sustainable transport and travel in a short space of time. I'm delighted to be supporting their progress towards this national Standard which has been endorsed by government bodies, local authorities, and business associations"For further information on the Responsible Business Standard or

    Tom Druitt MD
    The Big Lemon Bus co CIC

  • I have been working with Clive Bonny for over 2 years on the Green Growth Platform project. Clive is one of our strategic business coaches and special advisor on IP and crowdfunding. He has supported lots of our low carbon and environmental companies with their business development.Clive is always enthusiastic, helpful, very knowledgeable and provides insightful ideas, actions, and advice for our members. Often going the extra mile and seeking opportunities for business development, funding, competitions and PR. Clive is great fun to work with and supports me in my roleLorraine BellBusiness Support Manager at University of Brighton

    University of Brighton Green Growth Platform

  • Dear Clive I like to think that as members of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses we are all, in a tiny way, a bit of a family; connected by a common view that the business of business should be about positively affecting the people that we work with and who are in our local communities, improving the state of the planet and making sure that we’re happily profitable so that we can sustain ourselves and have our responsible businesses exist for as long as possible.It’s not always easy to follow this path of business responsibility so I think it is important for us to celebrate one another’s successes when they happen.Please, therefore, join me in congratulating #ORBMember Strategic Management Partners (SMP) as they have won the Seahaven Award for Environmental Business of the Year.

    Organisation for Responsible Business
    Strategic Management Partners