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Digital Tactics Ltd.

Consultancy, Strategy, Programming, Internet of Things

Who we are

We are a team of expert software developers and system administrators, working tirelessly to bring the best new technologies to the web.

We typically engage in technically interesting or challenging projects, meaning our work is diverse and spans a number of different IT and business divisions.

What we do

Innovation Consultancy and Build

Websites, Web applications, API’s and connected platforms

Software Performance Analysis and Debugging

Online Security

Systems Architecture, Administration and Support

IoT and related connected hardware systems

Voice experiences for Alexa and similar smart devices

3D and Geographic Visualizations (typically for civil engineering type applications)

Who we do it for

The majority of our work is based on the latest Python/MongoDB/PHP/MySQL technologies and the Amazon Cloud (AWS).

We work for a wide range of clients in many different sectors from start-ups to industry leading middle-teir and blue chip organisations.