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The Rolling Stones Official Mobile App

The Challenge

Working with Endemol we produced a number of interactive html5 segments for inclusion into the Official Rolling Stones Mobile App including a competition to win tickets to the 50th anniversary gigs in London and New York, a mailing list/newsletter system and interactive pages with detail on how to watch the final gig on pay-per-view around the world.

Endemol chose us for this work because of our expertise in delivering massively scalable cloud systems globally at incredibly low cost, our speed of turnaround and security expertise when building and handling systems managing the collection of personal data.

Aside from the kudos of working for the end client we are proud of some of the advanced technical achievements we made during this project, particularly in the novel way this system was hosted and managed, avoiding the need for tens if not hundreds of dedicated servers to service the global traffic load and requiring, in fact, just two!