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Human Digital Company

Strategy, TV/Film/Video, Multimedia Production

Who we are

I'm an experienced senior digital executive with more than 20 years of experience leading teams to deliver strategy, cultural change, leadership and growth in international blue chip businesses and the creative industries.

I’m fascinated by communities and ecosystems, technology and behaviour - how digital platforms to disrupt and bring businesses closer to their customers.

What we do

Our mission: to keep people at the heart of digital and business transformation.

• Consultancy

• Strategy

• Production (video, web, apps and events)

• Training and mentoring

• Project leadership

• Talent acquisition

Who we do it for

Work is mostly about people. We work with some great big clients, but some smaller ones too - our aim is to collaborate with nice people!

For instance:

- Consult for media companies and creative Industries (BBC, Al Jazeera, EOne and some start ups such as Black Parrotts Studio

- Strategy for TV and games companies

- Produce for SAGE Publishing, corporate and professional service companies

- Train and mentor for BBC Academy, Indie Training Fund and Creative Skillset