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Virgin Media Retail Transformation

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The Challenge

Being one of the UK’s leading media brands means it’s essential that Virgin Media are always improving customer service and employee performance. However, with this comes a few challenges. Because of the difficult time for high street shops they’ve had to simplify their business and optimise the way that they perform. They needed to keep their customer service consistent, manage and improve the performance of multiple departments and make sure the quality of their day to day operations are never compromised.

Virgin Media were looking for digital tools for 4,500 employees across five departments. The aspiration was that this would speed up day to day operations, provide operational visibility, help staff understand the company’s fast-changing products and services and also improve their overall business knowledge.

The result of these things coming to fruition would ultimately improve customer experience.

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The Results

They reduced the time it took to do their workplace audits and checklists by 80% going from 4 hours to just 45 minutes.

Virgin Media can ensure that all of their locations follow company processes, point of sale directives and their guided sales journeys. They’ve increased conversions in key sales metrics and improved store presentations and standards.

After the first 3 months of using Oplift they saw a 10% boost in NPS's, and a 7.4% boost in employee product knowledge.

Within the first 6 months they saw a 13% increase in sales. Staff engagement was evidenced by employee surveys which showed that 97.5% of staff like or love using Oplift and 65% of staff even play the gamified learning solution in their own time!

They have removed their bulky sales counters and now carry out sales transactions wherever the customers are.

This has reduced wait times for customers and transformed the look and layout of their stores, they’ve seen a 20% increase in floor space.

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