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The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

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The Challenge

The IPA are the professional body that supports all UK advertising agencies to keep them at the top of their game. They set the industry’s best practice standards and use their knowledge of the industry to publish thought leadership. So naturally, they have a huge number of members who rely on their data and findings. They are the power behind the practitioners.

They needed us to build a visualisation platform for showing cover curves for different audiences such as, adults, men, women with a range of demographics.

We brought together all of the data and insights together in one place so it was easily usable and understandable for IPA’s members.

A cover curve is used as a strategic tool for campaign planning. The IPA called the tool ARC by TouchPoints. The description on their website is “ARC by TouchPoints is a quick ready reckoner to provide cover curves for each medium showing cover build vs GRPs. This tool will help advertisers to estimate coverage based on different audiences, different GRP weights and different media.

It shows how the number of people likely to be exposed to an advert changes with increasing effort (GRP) - various ways to measure the cost to present an advert. GRP is one of them.

Currently, you have to go to lots of different companies to get this information, like relying on cinema companies for cinema data.

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The Results

We created Arc. This allows the IPAs cover curve data to reach the workforce and employees at the media agencies who subscribe to the TouchPoints data.

A responsive and mobile-friendly tool, it allows them instant access to cover curves and has the ability to export and share the content for use in customer pitches and when planning advertising spend.

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