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Global Medical Learning App

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The Challenge

With the high volume workload which the students have, it requires a vast amount of reading. BSMS were searching for an educational resource which would allow students to learn anytime, anywhere and make it easier for them to improve their medical knowledge. They were also looking for a product which would allow them to upload their own case studies and courses, and therefore easily create quizzes about any subject topic. Meaning that there are no learning gaps and no subjects left untouched.

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The Results

Delivered neatly in apps for Android, iOS and the web, students can learn on the go no matter which device they have. For when internet is not available, students can sync their cases and questions for offline study, ready to study whenever is convenient.

Created, edited, practiced and reviewed over many years, CAPSULE offers refined and accurate content to students.

With CAPSULE the user can create personalised quizzes. This means that there are no knowledge gaps as students can create quizzes on subjects which they are not feeling so confident on.

It has over 650 realistic clinical cases, with associated questions working through the scenario. All cases include high quality feedback to help maximise learning. To keep the content correct and up to date, CAPSULE allows the user to view feedback on all questions answered, as well as statistics to drive learning and progression.

CAPSULE combines author and delivery into one single platform, meaning that the cases are branded, delivered and ready to go as soon as they are written. BSMS have written all the content, questions and cases.

An editorial board, led by Professor David Howlett keeps it relevant and up to date. The editorial and clinical team can tweak and add new content, with it available instantly to students. Cases are unique in both scale and quality.

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