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App Development, Consultancy, SaaS

Client testimonials

  • Good experience. Easy to use, find the information you need. Also easy to add information in an engaging way. Easy to access all information that is needed on a daily basis. Platform is clear and concise making the uploading of information straightforward. This is a great tool for keeping staff engaged with what needs to be done in a magazine like format akin to the news apps available on iOS and Android.

    Ian. B.
    Virgin Media

  • Oplift has enabled us to meet the ever-changing demands of learners in the challenging arena of Higher Education. Our CAPSULE resource, built on Oplift, has revolutionised all stages of a digital learning platform: End-user experience that easily competes with any mobile product out there, the content management, and user management, and the most powerful aspect for the organisation: the data and learning analytics. The arhcitecture has been developed allow it to handle a range of front-end applications and platforms with flexibility. This is combined with high-quality design and usability so that you get the complete package without compromise. The Ocasta team have been collaborative and robust in their service.

    Tim Vincent
    Brighton and Sussex Medical School

  • If you're looking for a high-quality product to support you and your team in your workplace, then Oplift is the answer! As well as investing in a great product, you'll also get a friendly, supportive team that will strive to do their best for you at all times. The Oplift platform supports a range of apps that are utilised across our business. The look and feel is simple and intuitive whilst still maintaining a high-quality design. As a result, the product requires minimal training. The suite of apps we use has helped to drive employee engagement, improve knowledge and efficiently operate. The team are very helpful and supportive. They listen to our needs and react, which is exactly what we need.

    Lisa. R.
    Virgin Media

  • We have been able to ensure that all our locations are able to follow company processes/point of sale directives and a guided sales journey (incl regulatory frameworks) and any potential issues are captured and relayed to appropriate responding teams promptly. We have been able to increase conversion in key sales metrics and our store presentation and standards have never been higher. We've enjoyed very positive feedback from all teams that have had elements deployed. Product development has been excellent over the period we have been using it. Ease of use means minimal training time and high usage and engagement across the workforce. The software is thoughtfully put together minimising flows and follows a logical process. Outputs and insights are designed for ease of follow up and assists teams to efficiently operate without being able to circumvent processes. There are no negative experiences encountered.

    Ian Villalard
    Virgin Media

  • Flexible - the apps can be used in a number of ways, across multiple devices which allows end users to get the job done quickly and efficiently both in the front line and back office teams. Control - Conversely to Flexible, there are times we need to control how our staff engage with the software or what they see. Oplift accommodates this very well. Intuitive - The look and feel of the software is superb. It has been designed with the end-user in mind. New users of the software easily navigate around with little to no training. They find themselves comfortable with it in a short space of time. Our speed to competency has vastly improved. The team - The team behind Oplift are fantastic. If ever there are questions about the software they are very quick to answer. They listen to our business needs and find solutions to make the software work well for us. They really add value above and beyond what the software already offers.

    Tom Hacker
    Virgin Media

  • Ocasta have been very accomodating and supportive, helping us deliver our objective; a digital one stop shop and improving efficiency for our customer facing staff. Eveything our staff need is housed in one place, improving employee engagement and efficiency within the business which in turn, imporves customer experience. The simplicity of the app both front and back end is just what we needed to ensure buy in from those using it and the various functions within the app gives it the edge.

    Kate Beall
    Virgin Media