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Aimer Media

App Development, Mobile Design & Development, Programming

Who we are

We’re an award winning app developer based in Brighton. Since 2009 we’ve worked with well known publishers, major cultural institutions and innovative companies of any size; we specialise in making cross-platform apps.

What we do

We make apps (in the broadest sense of the term).

We use the most useful and sensible technologies to meet the needs of the projects we work on and are always ready to move onto something if we things that will work better.

Who we do it for

For many of our projects we work with book publishers but increasingly we work with organisations who need to get key information to their audiences. Not simply part of the response to the challenge of digital in publishing, we now see what apps can do beyond the book. We increasingly work with our clients to find the vision that gives their readers or listeners or users or customers or consumers what they want and need in any format they’d like to get it.

We have live projects with:

- UK Ambulance Trusts

- Church of England

- Royal Collection

- University of Sussex

- Church Times

- Modern Toss




and publishers such as Bloomsbury, BRF, Collins, Goldsmiths Press, Hodder, Octopus, SPCK, SU and Yale.

In the past we have worked with:

- Tate


- Insight Guides

- Berlitz


- Arts Council