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Pearce Marketing

Marketing, Strategy, Consultancy

Who we are

Pearce Marketing helps start-up and small-to-medium-sized businesses with a flexible outsourced marketing service and social media training. Whether you need just an hour or two of help or more regular support, I am passionate about understanding your customers and delivering cost-effective and measurable marketing plans, activities and training.

(I work with (brief and manage) graphic designers and web designers for marketing projects - I am not a designer.)

What we do

My core services are:

- Customer Research

- Marketing Audit

- Marketing Plan

- Marketing Delivery - outsourced marketing service for all types of marketing tasks

- Social Media Training - for individual and small groups - particularly Facebook and LinkedIn

Who we do it for

I help start-up and established small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) from a wide variety of industries. They range from manufacturers to professional services and farm shops, so I am sure I can help you. My clients operate in the business to business (B2B) and/or business to consumer (B2C) sectors. Some work very locally, while others are regional or national. A few sell internationally. I have also helped some public sector organisations to operate more like SMEs.