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Poet Branding - A Silver Award for Upbeat

A great start to the year for Poet Branding. We received a Silver award from the World Brand Design Society for our work for Upbeat Protein Waters.

Upbeat drinks were one of the pioneering manufacturers of protein-enriched drinks, launching their first product, a protein shake back in 2014. Over the intervening years, the drinks market has seen a plethora of new brands enter the sector and the public has gained a greater understanding of the benefits of protein, seeing it become very mainstream and not just for bodybuilders and athletes. A complete rethink of the brand strategy was required and a solid communication platform developed from which a host of new product development ideas could be launched. "Drink positive, stay Upbeat" became the core of all brand activity.

"Brands are recognised, not read" 

Shelf space is limited in any retail environment and products often have to sell themselves without the aid of large advertising budgets so the design is bold and confident. The design used a brand new identity that emphasises the 'UP' in Upbeat. The logo was refined by lettering designer Rob Clarke. The simple pack architecture ensures that a powerful and consistent brand image can be maintained as new products are rolled out over the next couple of years.

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