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Paul Silver

Web Design & Development, Advertising, Programming

Online shop for publishers Allison and Busby

Online shop for publishers Allison and Busby header image

The Challenge

I worked with local web agency i-Zimbra to create a new website for the publishers Allison and Busby in 2009. My role was to create the shop part of the site - storing book details, extra information of interest, book club facility, a shopping basket, integration with the Protx (now Sagepay) payment gateway, and an admin area which was easy for non-technical staff to use. The sales part of the site had to fit seamlessly together with a Wordpress-driven section used to drive their marketing.

The Results

The publishers were pleased to be able to sell their books online without having to point customers to larger sites like Amazon, and especially that they had a site they could update themselves without feeling like they were banging their heads against the wall.

Since the site was created I've helped them move the site between hosts, and by adding extra functionality to the site as their needs have grown and the language the site runs on (PHP) has changed.

Tech used: PHP & MySQL

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