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Paul Silver

Web Design & Development, Advertising, Programming

New website for Skillsearch

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The Challenge

Brighton based IT recruitment agency Skillsearch wanted to move on from their slow website and aged admin area to a fresh new look and updated back end. I had created several sites for them in the past, and they returned to me to replace the one created by an agency a few years before. The new site had to look good and be fast and easy to use.

I worked with local UX Designer Nick Carter to create the site, with extra programming help from freelance developer Laura Tyler, and front end work by Hambly Freeman.

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The Results

Together, we created a site that looks great, is quick to use, and hides a complex job search behind an easy to use interface. Page load times dropped from over 20 seconds for search results down to a much snappier sub-2 seconds for the same pages.

Behind the scenes, the admin area is as simple and quick to use as possible so nothing is standing between the recruiters and their ability to post jobs. A jobs by email feature means candidates do not have to be constantly returning to the site to get the latest available jobs.

Skillsearch have been very happy with the site and we've added various new functionality to it since launching the site in 2017.

Tech used: PHP using the Laravel framework and MySQL

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