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How Pragmatic increased donations for local charity, Martlets

How Pragmatic increased donations for local charity, Martlets header image

The Challenge

The use of technology has changed enormously over the last five years. It’s important for Martlets, as a public-facing organisation, to adjust to this accordingly by meeting evolving user behaviours and needs. Martlets is a local charity, providing essential services to people affected by terminal illness in Brighton and Hove, and surrounding areas. More than 25,000 local people have been supported and cared for by Martlets since 1997. Their expert team provides the very best care and support, helping patients live life to the full during the precious time they have.

Before Pragmatic partnered with Martlets for the launch of their new website, the Martlets team were using a bespoke CMS. They found that they had outgrown the functionality it offered, and it was difficult to use for content creation and editing tools. Martlets also wanted to refresh their website look and feel, to reflect new digital and business objectives.

Other intentions they had in mind for the new site included growing e-commerce capability, creating a more effective online referral destination for professionals, and simplifying processes for charity donation and event registration. A key objective here was to prioritise donations and fund-raising towards the charity. Overall, they required their digital presence to be more patient and supporter-focused.

Martlets identified WordPress as a solution in meeting these objectives and decided that we were the most suitable WordPress agency to partner with on this project. We have developed a suite of website solutions that resolve some of the key challenges that charities have, and have a good reputation with working closely with charities.

Pragmatic’s charity solution keeps things simple for the Martlets team managing the website. It provides a seamless experience for the end-user and delivers the most useful functionality possible within their budget. A donation plugin we use in our charity solution is GiveWP, which allows Martlets to own data and use this to plan future campaigns or create mailing lists for donations.

The Results

Providing the highest quality care and service to the local community means that Martlets relies on generous donations from members of the public. The new website that we built and designed makes it easier for visitors to do this. The improved UX and customer journey resulted in a 150% increase in the number of visitors to the Donate page and a 52% increase in the number of donations. A key objective during our discovery session with Martlets was to prioritise donations and fund-raising towards the charity. We’re glad that we reached and exceeded the goals in doing this and that the Martlets team are happy with the work that we did.

“An enormous thank you to you all for an incredible project, your project management, development, liaison, speed to respond to our question and actions on your part to find solutions. And also to meet our business objectives of being clear about our offer and increasing our reach.” - Georgina Lestini, Head of Marketing and Communications during this project with Martlets

Building a good relationship with Martlets was a key factor in the successful implementation of this project. Regular contact and clear communication between the two teams ensured that work was carried out efficiently. Because of this, Martlets felt that they could fully trust us and were very forthcoming with what they needed us to do in working within the means of the budget and deadline. We also gave full WordPress training to the team at Martlets, which helped the team better understand how to customise individual elements of the new site.

“It has been the most seamless website development I have been involved in, and I have learnt so much during the process!”

Opting for an open-source solution means that there will be no more ongoing software licensing fees, which means WordPress gave the Martlets team control over their website and ultimately reduce cost of ownership over time. There are now no restrictions or blockers when it comes to publishing content, as WordPress allows the team to make changes to the site quickly and conveniently. Our communication with them and flexibility in an agile work approach helped in achieving all the objectives set out.

“Once again it has been a sheer pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable, efficient and effective partner. Thank you for making it happen.”

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