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Graphite Digital Run Internal Innovation Project to Encourage Blood Donation

At the start of 2020, Graphite formed a brand new Innovation Squad. The aim was to bring our creative minds together regularly to create exciting innovation pieces that could help make people's lives easier. We decided to imagine how we might help increase blood donation in the UK as we believed this was one of the most pressing issues brought on by COVID-19. In March 2020, the BBC reported that the NHS had received a 15% drop in donations compared to the amount they would usually expect.

We undertook research to understand the motivations for people giving blood, and also the challenges or concerns that had prevented people from giving blood. We took these insights into an innovation workshop which resulted in an agreed concept of a prototype we would like to create. Lastly, we rapidly prototyped a new app called 'Carey' that help to would make the entire blood donation experience a much easier one. Following user testing, we learnt that users thought that the app would make blood donation and easier and more pleasant experience and 70% of users said that they would use the app.

To learn more about the project and to see the final prototype, you can view the full case study here: