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The Contradiction Conundrum: New Report Highlights Contradictions in Digital Pharma

This week, we’re excited to be releasing our new report, The Contradiction Conundrum. 

The research, conducted in partnership with Reuters Events, explores how pharma organisations are currently approaching their digital products, services and strategies. 

The rapid digital transformation in pharma in recent years has been nothing short of remarkable. Decades worth of digital progress and innovation have been accomplished in just a few years, with organisations responding to changing customer demands and introducing new ways of working. Health and pharma industries are booming, and on the precipice of huge disruption.

Contradictions in digital approaches 

Our research reveals a sector that is excited about the opportunities presented through digital product design. But, despite this optimism regarding the possibilities, confidence in the ability to execute is mixed. This is highlighted through a number of key contradictions facing the pharma sector. 

For example, despite widespread understanding of the value of digital in pharma and the need to make it a future priority, only 4% of digital product launches are regularly succeeding. 

Themes covered in The Contradiction Conundrum include digital best practice and execution, the fundamentals of a successful digital strategy, sources of insight for key decision-making, organisational and individual mindsets, and the role of user research within digital. 

Based on the views of 450 pharma professionals, the report features original data, expert perspectives, and practical advice. 

In it, we explore how, through deepening audience understanding and building the right internal processes, you can overcome any contradiction. 

View and download the report here

By elevating their digital products and services, pharma teams have a unique chance to differentiate themselves, improve engagement and add value to their customer relationships. 

We hope that you find the report to be an interesting and thought-provoking read, and would encourage you to ask yourself — are you doing enough to ensure your digital product launches deliver? 

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