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Partnering with DKMS to Increase the Number of Registered Stem Cell Donors

Partnering with DKMS to Increase the Number of Registered Stem Cell Donors header image

The Challenge

Blood cancer charity, DKMS, were experiencing low return rates of their stem cell donor registration kits. This meant that less people were successfully registering as potential donors, and their already limited resources were being wasted in supplying free kits that were never sent back.

Utilising our team of in-house user researchers and designers, we partnered with DKMS to help them to better understand their target donors and work out what they could change in their processes in order to improve return rates.

The Results

We conducted in-depth research interviews with a selection of donors, mapped out the donor journeys, then hosted a collaborative Innovation Workshop to come up with high-impact changes to improve return rates. We designed new prototype solutions, then sought feedback again from real donors to ensure what we’d created would resonate.

Our work with DKMS has equipped their team with the insight and understanding to enhance the registration process, improve kit return rates, and ultimately increase the chances of those in need finding a match. We provided a list of actionable changes, validated through user testing, that could be implemented across their messaging and processes to help maintain a strong emotional connection at every touch point.


— In-depth understanding of donor journeys, motivations and decision-making

— Provided direction on improvements to registration process to support DKMS’ wider fundraising efforts

— New design concepts, tested with users, and ready to implement across key touch points

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