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IWM (First World War Centenary) - WordPress Campaign Websites

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The Challenge

The First World War Centenary Partnership was led by the Imperial War Museums and consists of some 3,900 non-profit organisations across the world. These range from local to international cultural organisations. Their aim was to host a number of events and activities to commemorate the lives of those involved in the First World War a century later.

Project 1: WomensWork100 campaign website

The Imperial War Museums first engaged BrightMinded to create a new campaign site called WomensWork100.

The objective was to recognise and celebrate the working lives of women in the First World War, against the backdrop of the struggle for female suffrage. Once this site was completed, IWM were so pleased with the result that they asked us to work with them on two more projects.

Project 2: First World War Centenary Campaign Website

In the second project we re-designed and modernised a theme for the main website for the Centenary Partnership, taking elements of the WomensWork100 campaign to create a fresh new look for the Partnership’s content. The main site included blog posts from as far back as 2011 and we needed to automatically migrate the structure of these posts to make them work with the refreshed design. This was not always an easy task, especially as some of the posts contained embedded formatting and images!

We also needed to work with an events feed from the third party Culture24 platform. The previous developers had done the integration for the legacy site but we needed to perform some additional mapping to make the categories and date ranges fit the search functionality for the refreshed site. It is often a challenge to build on top of other developers’ code but in this case it made budgetary sense to enhance the existing integration rather than start from scratch.

Project 3: Armistice 100 Days Campaign Website

The third project was the Armistice 100 Days campaign, which involved a brand new literary format – the “Centena”. These pieces are exactly 100 words long, with the first three words being the same as the last three words. 100 Centena pieces were commissioned by the Partnership, each inspired by the experience of a real individual in the First World War, and one was published each day in the build-up to the November 2018 Centenary.

We needed to ensure that the campaign site was visually interesting and engaging, from the first day with one Centena only through to the last day when all 100 were available on the site.

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The Results

We'll let our fantastic client Liz Robertson tell you in her own words:

"We are delighted with the work BrightMinded has done for us on the First World War Centenary Partnership website at Imperial War Museums (IWM).

From initial content and audience workshops to Skype training on the final site, they have offered comprehensive, adaptable support and work at an incredibly high standard.

Always quick to respond to questions and queries, unstinting in support after the end of the project, it has been a pleasure to work alongside all the BrightMinded team."

Liz Robertson, Centenary Programme and Partnerships Officer

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