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BOVA UK: E-commerce website for highly specialised products

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The Challenge

BOVA UK is a specials veterinary medications manufacturer for the UK market. Bova's current website was too restrictive for what they needed and they had to find an alternative solution, fast. BrightMinded was asked to create a new website with private e-commerce capabilities linked to UPS parcel services and to Xero accounting software to provide a complete digital operations platform for the company.

The project involved building a marketing website with a full e-commerce platform for highly specialised products. BrightMinded created a WordPress site and extended it with on-account purchasing, PDF paperwork generation and authentication. We also created integrations to Xero (accounting), WooCommerce (e-commerce), Stripe (payments), UPS (logistics) and MailChimp (newsletter sign up).

There were numerous technical challenges due to the strict industry regulation of this niche market. Our team tackled each one with creative solutions that solved each challenge and created real value for the team at BOVA.

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The Results

"We couldn’t be more impressed with the outcome. Anyone who’s looking for a bespoke software solution to serve their business needs should turn to the team at BrightMinded." Nick Bova, Founder & CEO

We built a highly integrated e-commerce platform, generating many efficiencies for the company and a great user experience for their clients. BOVA have a distinctive and highly regulated business model requiring a uniquely customised e-commerce solution. It is a small operation serving a fairly large client base, so they are dependent on efficiency. The new e-commerce platform makes it easy to find and purchase the exact required pharmaceuticals.

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