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Allens of Mayfair

The Challenge

When we first started working with Allens they had a major problem with Phishing, where a site is copied and fraud is carried out on the copied site. This was so extreme that Google were at the point of blacklisting Allens name. Our immediate job was to secure the site and this we did by completely rebuild the site and placing it on a brand new server with full PCI compliance. Google then required us to prove that all this had been done and on supplying them with this information they agreed not to blacklist Allens name. Security on their site has not been an issue since.

We have made several improvements to their system to help with the administration side of their business and have brought their system completely up to date and installed several new features to benefit their customers and help push revenues to new heights.

Allens have a new TV show on Dave, we did a lot with their server to ensure the site would be able to handle the resulting number of hits we anticipated the show would deliver. The site went on to exceed this estimation and performed perfectly handling all the requests that were made without any downtime whatsoever.