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Long Story Short

Web Design & Development, Design & Branding, e-Commerce

Who we are

We are a digital creative agency, we help brands define and deliver their story. It’s the small things, the details that make a good story great. That’s where we live; in the details. We hand craft refined, engaging and effective websites, brands, strategies and campaigns.

What we do

We do digital, design and branding. We build beautiful.

Who we do it for

We work with a number of premium brands in the cosmetics and fashion industries as well as F&B, though we've been through most industries out there in some capacity over the years. We work with everyone from new start-ups to fat cats, SMBs to individuals. With decades of experience the team has worked across more disciplines & industries that we can reasonably expect anyone to sit down & listen to. We tell stories, & are always looking for the challenge of something new. We love creating work with legs, with a solid meaning, reasoning & logic underpinning it; taking a brand & refining it into a direct & focussed message, communicating a lot with a little, saying more with less, long story short.