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Invona Rebrands IT Services Business it to Fluidity

Invona, an IT consultancy and managed service provider based in Brighton, has rebranded to Fluidity.

We've rebranded to highlight our commitment to delivering a more organic and straight forward approach to IT products and services. 

Fluidity’s unique approach and skill set in the IT industry sets us apart from competitors. We provide human-centric ways to address cyber security and compliance, while also offering specialist experience across Apple, Microsoft and Google platforms. This all places us in a strong position with some clear USPs, while also being well equipped to support most businesses.

Our new brand more clearly communicates what we offer creative digital businesses. We've worked with various digital agencies and design companies to help manage and improve their infrastructure, systems and applications, delivering on many of the common challenges in these environments. For example, business continuity and backup can be challenging when you have large assets compared to other businesses who primarily handle Office files!

Find out more in our blog post. Visit us at our new site