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Prime defines a new vision for a future of unbound health and care in a dramatic rebranding

National property developer undergoes rebrand by UnitedUs to define their collective vision for the future of our health and care spaces.

The UK is on a pathway to transform health and care service delivery; integrating primary and acute care into the communities they serve through shared services, stronger networks and pioneering approaches to early intervention, prevention and holistic health. As one of the UK’s leading healthcare property developers, having delivered over £1billion worth of developments across the breadth of health and care, Prime’s rebrand recognises the integral role property developers play in achieving the NHS Long Term Plan. The new vision sets out their aim clearly; to create a future where outstanding care is never restricted by the space it’s delivered in.

With a track record for being at the forefront of the health and care sector for the last 23 years, Prime’s rebrand focuses the business on the future they are - quite literally - building for health and care across the UK. Previously, Prime had always approached their projects with great compassion for the end users of their spaces - the patients, healthcare workers and communities - but they had never expressed this before. In this delicate and complex landscape, Prime bears great responsibility towards the healthcare system through the decisions and designs behind the hospitals, GP practices and care homes it creates. The rebrand is their commitment to creating a better future for health and care, in partnership with the health and care providers.

This comes after two years of gradual organisational and strategic change following the appointment of Chief Executive, Leighton Chumbley. Prime’s new brand is a result of partnering with strategic brand agency UnitedUs, who undertook a 360-degree assessment of their identity and culture through months of research, strategy and design. The new brand conveys their promise to develop space for change in health and care - to invest in, design, and build the health and care environments that enable change, growth and transformation of our health and care service. Their vision will help to guide the health and care providers they work with to make the most of their spaces - delivering projects with more foresight and greater alignment to new models of care.

Wendy Teo, Marketing and Communications Director at Prime said:

“One of the clearest messages that came out of the brand review was the dedication and passion of our employees, so I’m thrilled that UnitedUs have helped us express outwardly the problem-solving and compassionate mentality that was always there”.

Luke Taylor, Co-Founder & Creative Director of UnitedUs said:

“Real, heart-felt passion is something so rare to find in corporate organisations, and to have that stifled by the former brand was a shame - but also a huge opportunity. An opportunity to unleash the knowledge, verve and commitment that already resides within Prime and bring it to the market through every touch point. The new brand better reflects the incredible work Prime are doing at the forefront of the UK’s health and care landscape; transforming some of our vital health infrastructure and public service spaces so that our healthcare providers can deliver big change.”

About Prime

Prime is at the forefront of the health and care property sector. They enable health and care providers to make the most of their spaces so all of us can experience better care. They unlock complex estate management challenges with leading industry-specific legal, financial and property planning solutions, and work with your partners to see the projects through development to delivery.

About UnitedUs

UnitedUs is a proudly independent strategic branding agency based in Brighton made up of a crack team of strategists, creatives, developers and producers. Relishing a challenge, their expertise is navigating complex business landscapes and empowering brands to unite their people, find their purpose, and realise their potential. They work with a diverse group of ambitious clients who want to do or be something different.