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Cub Sprints

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The Challenge

Design Sprints are a way of tackling your challenges and testing your ideas in less than a week.

Intense, exciting and collaborative, Design Sprints are perfect for exploring & solving big challenges. Whether it’s an existing product or service in need of innovation, or a completely new idea waiting to be explored, a Design Sprint with Wolfcub will result in real answers to your key questions in just four days.

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The Results

Cub Sprints is the design arm of Digital Studio Wolfcub Digital.

We started Cub Sprints to help us connect our Design Thinking approach with our Digital Design and Development roots.

We run innovation workshops and hands on sessions based around Design thinking principles and the Design Sprint methodology to help organisations innovate, fast.

Instead of waiting to launch your new product or service to understand if your ideas are feasible, we work closely with teams to create a realistic prototype which can be tested with real users, and get clear data-driven insights and feedback, all within the sprint timeframe.

Find out more about Cub Sprints and how we can help you here:

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