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Kademy Branding

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The Challenge

Kademy is a learning startup delivering an innovative and impactful learning experience for communicators. Studio Kidd helped Kademy create a visual identity that matches their unique approach.

Starting from scratch, Studio Kidd helped Kademy find their visual identity so ran a brand workshop involving everyone who needed input. It was a really positive exercise that helped everybody involved to have a clear understanding of what we were setting out to achieve. Studio Kidd wrote-up the findings into a brand strategy document that, once agreed, formed the backbone of the brand and helped with decision making for the creative process.

Studio Kidd then created a visual identity including a logo, typography, image style, illustration style and a unique colour palette which build a powerful image of the brand.

We then helped create a website, animated learning content, learning materials, stationery, presentations and other marketing communications materials.

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The Results

Kademy have a strong identity to launch into their niche of a competitive market. They have had strong sales results from launch and are powering towards success.

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