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Audio Production, Multimedia Production, e-Learning

Who we are

VoiceBubble are a voice over agency and production company based in Brighton. It is run by Simon Smith who is an ex BBC presenter and producer with years of experience producing audio and digital media. We have a number of experienced and talented Brighton based voice artists, many of whom have their own studios.

What we do

We work as a team offering a range of distinctive and professional voices. We produce broadcast quality voice overs for audiobooks, E learning, TV, radio, games, apps and online video.  We offer ‘down the line’ connection to your office or a fully edited audio file in any format.

Who we do it for

Our local clients have included:

Brightwave, Fatsands, Tilt, MeLearning, Upshot Marketing,

We've also worked for:

The BBC, Bigfish Games, Motionstory, Priddy Books, Kids industries, Unicorn labs, Archepelago

For their clients like: BBC, Emap, Aquafresh, Standard and Chartered, Nestle, Pimco

We do a LOT of international work for clients in the US, Russia, Germany, Norway and Denmark who like us for our script editing, tightening and polishing experience.

Our pricing policy is flexible and fair and includes studio hire and edit. We are able to  deliver projects exceptionally fast but without compromising on great quality and super friendly support.