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Buff Motion

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video

Who we are

We’re a motion design studio making animation for revolutionary brands, agencies and non-profits.

Our team is passionate, dedicated and super resourceful, with a wide range of complementary skills and experience. Together, we deep dive into every brief to understand exactly what problem our client needs to solve, and how best we can achieve it together.

What we do

We help organisations make a bigger impact with purposeful animated content. Using motion graphics, we offer a helping hand to support your business to grow and be understood.

We believe animation has the power to change the world. It connects with people emotionally and inspires action. We work to create change that has a positive impact on someone’s lifestyle, mindset, environment and community.

When working with our clients, we take on a blended role of project partner and animation expert. We get stuck into the project, standing shoulder to shoulder with you as true collaborators. We work to understand your business and the project objectives. We’re committed to finding the most appropriate solution for each brief so we dig deep early in the briefing process. Then we roll up our sleeves and get resourceful to make it happen.

Who we do it for

Our client partners include cutting-edge companies, charities and educational organisations including Google, BAFTA, Samaritans, World of Books and The Open University.