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Buff Motion

2D/3D Animation, Illustration, TV/Film/Video

Selling Lots of Things, with Animation!

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The Project:


We were approached by the in-house creative team at Grommet to produce an animated promo to launch their new brand identity. The aim was to develop a piece of content that would promote the platform, widen Grommet’s audience and introduce their current followers to a fresh new look. 


We took on the challenge to create a striking and engaging piece that would instantly catch people's attention. The video is designed for online promotion and as advertising for TV-on-demand platforms.


The rebrand focuses on the elegant new typeface, bold brand graphics and photographic assets of the many products they sell. The freshly developed tone-of-voice is quirky and fun, allowing us plenty of playful exploration when scripting.


A key requirement of the brief was to feature product imagery. Grommet sells a huge range of ingenious items, so it was important for us to make sure this variety was represented, whilst also keeping the overall feel clean and consistent.


We decided to build the majority of products as rendered 3D elements, rather than using flat product photography. This creative choice allows more flexibility when animating because objects can be manipulated in 3D space. By combining these with typography, bold colours and branded vector graphics, the team were able to successfully deliver a dynamic and eye-catching promo.



Who are we?


We’re Buff, a motion-design and animation studio in the heart of Brighton. We partner with creative agencies, brands and non-profits to create a diverse range of animated content. 


We’re people-focussed. We work with revolutionary brands that are driven by passionate individuals who really care about their craft. Whether it’s a service explainer, a social campaign or a far-reaching advert, we help your brand to blow your own trumpet and tell the world just how great you are.



The feedback:


“This brief was a beauty. The new identity is really lovely and it gave us plenty of inspiration from the moment it was under our noses. I’m super proud of our team who were brilliant from start to finish and the guys at Grommet were a dream to work with. From our side, there isn’t anything about this one that we didn’t enjoy.” 

Tom Allen, Creative Director at Buff


“Buff took the brief and ran with it to create something we're very proud of, that encompasses who we are in a not so boring way. The video was creative, dynamic and just... ingenious!”

Carina Chavda, Studio & Media Manager at The Grommet




Client - Grommet

Production - Buff

Script - Buff, Deej Johnson & Lark

Design & Illustration - Buff

Animation - Buff

Audio - James Locke-Hart