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Bluebell Digital launches #EastGrinsteadHour to support businesses in the area

Bluebell Digital worked with the East Grinstead Business Association to launch #EastGrinsteadHour between 11am and 12pm every Wednesday on 1st April.

This is bringing the business and wider community in East Grinstead together online to help each other during this difficult time - a great way to gather digitally rather than physically.

It's already had a great impact with helping to drive new awareness of local businesses, match help with needs and driving donations to the charity supporting the local QVH or Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. QVH is famous for its expertise in plastic surgery, which was pioneered by Sir Archie McIndoe, during the second world war for RAF pilots suffering from combat burns.

Tune in on the hashtag #EastGrinsteadHour on Twitter every Wednesday to hear more.