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Local Charity Case Study: Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

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The Challenge

Brighton and Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) is a non-profit organisation helping people learn to cook, eat a healthy diet, grow their own food and waste less food.

BHFP were experiencing a reduction in available funding. Consequently, the charity’s management were considering a range of new commercial revenue streams, in the form of a cookery school. We stepped in to work with the senior team, to put together market research and then marketing strategies.

Our research project helped to determine optimal course types, times, pricing, length of courses, demographic interest and marketing messaging for a range of different audiences. Focus groups investigated & shaped the brand identity, as well as potential conflicts between the charitable operation of the Food Partnership and a commercial money-making business unit.

We created strategies to be implemented during the launch window for the project. The objectives were direct sales of tickets and increased awareness of the Community Kitchen among residents of Brighton and Hove. We also worked closely with the senior team to put together a range of marketing strategies which would help boost awareness, while also boosting the knowledge and confidence of the BHFP internal marketing team.

The Results

Since our engagement in summer 2018 BHFP has run 100s of cooking classes with over a 1000 attendees raising £000’s in new income for the Food Partnership.

The marketing strategy has been an overwhelming success. Many of the cookery courses have been sold out.

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