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TEQ4 Limited

User Experience, Consultancy, Design & Branding

Who we are

Welcome to Teq4. We are an inventive and creative engineering team working to deliver innovative solutions for attractions worldwide.

What we do

Our skills are broad and deep; we are gigapixel experts, from computers or cameras all the way to the screens. We engineer large scale mechatronics and kinetics with micron level precision, we write control software, we develop custom apps. We innovate and we deliver.

We design and build for certainty. We engage deeply in the problem. We think, we plan, we adapt and we prepare to ensure that we deliver precisely, quickly and effectively.

Who we do it for

We work for theme parks, attractions and a whole variety of guest experience venues worldwide. Our extensive experience, capabilities, skillful people and network of international specialist partners allow us to look into the future, and deliver it.