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Know Your Own Health

Web Design & Development, e-Learning, IT Training

Who we are

We’re Know Your Own Health, or KYOH (kai-oh) for short, and we use the power of digital media to help change the way people use health services, manage their health, and ultimately improve the quality of their lives. Our products and services combine digital media (and software) with personal health coaching, skills development, marketing, communications, training and eLearning. We work directly with patients, doctors, nurses, carers, coaches, health administrators, social care organisations, charities and retailers.

What we do

Delivering digital health services in partnerships with NHS, social care organisations and retailers. We deliver the expertise and localised digital support services (including the KYOH software platform), eLearning programmes, social media, branding and marketing communications.

Who we do it for

We establish local partnerships with a range of different types of organisation, including hospitals, GP practices, NHS health trusts, social care organisations, charities and retailers (including Boots).

Our customers are normally NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities.