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e-Learning, Software Sales, Education, IT Training

Who we are

We’re an award winning Learning Technology company that has quickly become recognised as a leader in our field. Founded in 2013, we’ve grown rapidly and in May 2019 we raised $4.5 million of investment to support our growth.

We are proud to be based in Brighton UK, but our clients (and staff) are based all over the world.

What we do

Our cloud based authoring platform is used by the world's most successful organizations to create, manage and measure modern elearning. We offer unparallelled support and guidance to help our customers deliver real-life impact - and industry leading analytics to validate its impact.

Come and work with us:

Who we do it for

We typically work with global organisations and charities who need to educate large numbers of people e.g. The Open University, TUI, National Trust, Oxfam, British Medical Journal, Towers Watson, Tesco, Coca-cola. Millions of people across the globe have now benefited from learning produced with Elucidat.