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Elucidat reaches 3 million learners in just 4 years

Elucidat just hit the 3 million learner mark one month earlier than anticipated, only 4 years since they set out to help give people better digital learning experiences.

Why does Elucidat care so much about the Learner Count and what does it mean for their clients? Read the back story:

The “North Star Metric” of Learner Count guides Elucidat’s decisions and direction every step of the way and helps them to retain clear focus on what will help their clients be more successful. From hiring decisions, to design and development of new products and services, the team are always asking: “will this help our clients create better, personalized learning experiences for their scale?”

In the last 4 years, Elucidat has had plenty of opportunity to celebrate:

- Working with hundreds of clients globally, ranging from Tesco the UK’s biggest retailer, to Franklin Covey a world leading provider of organizational development training.

- 60,000+ projects created by learning designers in Elucidat

- 1 million media uploads

- 3 million learners reached

- 150 million pages of digital learning content viewed

At this exciting phase of growth, Elucidat’s is looking for 2 more exceptional individuals to join their team. Know anyone?

Read more about Elucidat’s journey to 3 million learners and beyond: