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Elucidat Used to Empower Campaigners in the Fight Against Climate Change

How can a small business best use its time and resources to ‘give-back’?

The team at Elucidat wanted to support a cause that would have the greatest impact on protecting the environment for future generations. Research and input from a consultant led them to, a global grassroots movement that’s working towards a safer climate.

“The Elucidat team had contacted us as part of their ‘giving back initiative’, they wanted to support us in the fight against climate change" explains Daniel Hunter, Global Training Manager at 350. "It turned out that they could help us get closer to our aspirations than any other solution we could find on the market. And it felt good to know they supported 350's' mission.”

350 had a powerful vision for how they wanted to support their global network of campaigners, empowering them to promote cleaner energy, apply pressure and take positive action. With access to Elucidat’s authoring platform and support from their learning designers, 350 have been able to create ‘Skill-Ups’ in multiple languages, accessible to campaigners across the globe, on any device.

“With these Skill-Ups, we can reach members of our network in areas as remote as Nepal – all to support our overall mission of skilling-up climate justice activists around the globe" says Daniel.

"We’re working to build the best Skill-Ups because our planet’s future depends on it".

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