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Elucidat helps The Open University meet demand for quality online learning

When things get hectic, it’s nice to have someone you can call on for extra bandwidth or expert input. This was the case for the Open University when demand for their free OpenLearn courses started to ramp up.

Their learning team found themselves under pressure to deliver more projects, with more stakeholders, all whilst maintaining the highest quality output.

Georgia Axtell-Powell and the team at the OU decided to take elearning content production into their own hands using Elucidat. The collaboration tools and ability to roll out data-informed improvements made a big impact on the team’s efficiency. But, for some projects, Georgia and the team felt they needed extra capacity to kick-start production so they started working with Elucidat’s Learning Consultants:

“We’ll go to Elucidat’s Professional Services team with a nugget of an idea and they come back with a beautifully designed prototype, with the functionality we need set up and working in Elucidat. We take the project from there and are able to build out the content quickly.

We’ve come to think of Elucidat as members of our team. It’s nice to know we have someone to count on when things get hectic. We’ve purchased a bundle of their services, which means they are ready to jump in and help us at any time.”

Learn more about how the Open University are using Elucidat to deliver award-winning online learning: