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Elucidat & Survivors Network collaborate to make a free resource for survivors of sexual violence

A recent collaboration between Elucidat and Survivors Network, a Brighton charity for survivors of sexual violence, has resulted in a free digital resource to help people with grounding techniques.

As part of their ‘Giving Back’ initiative, the Elucidat team run annual pro-bono projects to support a charity that’s close to their heart. With one of the team already volunteering as a counselor at Survivors Network, it was clear that something of real value could be offered.

The outcome is an online app that walks through some grounding techniques to help people who’ve had a traumatic experience regulate their emotions when they feel extreme or out of control. Users can explore, practice and find one, two or more techniques that work for them. Being digital, this is a resource that’s there anytime, as and when people need it.

Jay Breslaw, Director of Survivor’s Network shared his feedback on the project:

“As we are a small organization we can be flexible with how we provide support but we are always restricted by the resources we have such as staff numbers so anything that can add to that is an amazing opportunity for us. Over 1,500 survivors accessed our services last year. This piece is widening our reach, which is always important.

We are very appreciative of having businesses come forward to support charities and it’s important to all come together to collectively respond to sexual violence.”

Take a look at the app for yourself:

Read more about this project here: