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We've developed a workstation assessment for the price of an ice cream

DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments are a legal requirement for any company with 5 or more people that use a screen as part of their job role. These assessments are in place to protect employees from developing health risks attributed to poor workstations such as bad backs, lower limb disorders and headaches.

Assessments are so much more than tick-box compliance. We wanted to deliver a fool-proof way for companies to access fundamental health and safety practices. We all have a duty of care to our employees to keep them safe, comfortable and happy at work. This assessment is the first tangible step towards better workplace wellbeing.

Our new assessment can help you by:

  • It can help to identify people that are in pain at work or need extra support
  • It’s a simple and low-cost way for companies to fulfil their DSE legal requirements
  • It’s cheap and easy to use

Our online self-assessment will be available starting Monday the 27th of January, at an introductory price of just 99p. For more information on workstation assessments and free informative guides, visit