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Dean Hayden

Graphic Design, Design & Branding, Web Design & Development


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The Challenge

The old RESEO site, created in 2012, was starting to show its age from both a technical and visual stand-point. Whilst the website recieved regular updates to the content, it had not seen much in the way of design or functionality updates since going live.

The Results

Together with Ben Grout, technical lead of the project, we proposed a design refresh that would work and scale for mobile devices, reflect the contemporary look of their members and have increased engagement with the content.

The awkward brand of the previous site was updated with a fresh look and tone, that was bold, simple and better suited to the RESEO of today. Graphical devices and varients of the logotype in both French and English offered flexibility and scope for use in both offline and online mediums.

RESEO footer image