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Dean Hayden

Design & Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development

CopyCon 2022 : New Brand & Website

CopyCon 2022 : New Brand & Website header image

The Challenge

To reflect name change from 'Copywriting Conference' to a much simpler 'CopyCon' a new brand and website was required. As event themes change each year the brand and website needed to be visually flexible but retain consistent and recognisable elements.

The Results

Design mechanics and patterns from the brand where pushed to the fore-front of the site. This resulted in a vibrant and visually interesting experience, even on longer-from content pages.

A simple and clear layout was introduced to help present important but often ‘at a glance’ content like the schedule and list of main speakers.

CopyCon 2022 : New Brand & Website footer image

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