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Cyber Security, SaaS

We are now Informer

Since 2014, The Security Bureau has helped our customers identify vulnerabilities in their systems and applications with our penetration testing services.

As the security landscape has changed, we’re now taking a SaaS led approach to security. We’re doing this to:

  1. Help drive efficiencies
  2. Reduce risk
  3. Speed up remediation processes

The latest version of Informer sees a range of new features. Providing our customers with the added assurance that their environments are monitored 24/7 and delivering the intelligence they need to stay secure.

“Having worked in penetration testing for 15 years, I knew that the current approach to penetration testing should change. The security testing industry needs to adapt to the exponential increase in cloud and SaaS services.
I strongly believe the use of SaaS is the future of security testing and managing vulnerabilities more effectively.
By combining our SaaS and penetration testing services into a single platform, we are now adopting Informer as our brand to reflect our new and innovative approach to security testing.”

Marios Kyriacou, Founder and CEO.

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