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Consultancy, Strategy, Cyber Security

Who we are

Informer is the only security intelligence platform that gives large, tech-savvy global businesses live, continuous and complete visibility of their vulnerabilities - for known and unknown assets.

We give you the inside track on information security, protect your digital assets and empower your business.

What we do

Make smarter, faster decisions with our real-time cyber security platform.

Through a real-time view of your assets and vulnerabilities, Informer alerts you to weaknesses the moment they arise.

The faster we find problems, the faster you can fix them.

- Powered by human x machine intelligence

- Live dashboards with real-time data, trends and progress tracking

- Stay ahead of risk with customizable alerting

Who we do it for

As a trusted team of security specialists, we help every type of organization to understand and overcome their precise security risks.

Our tailored insights and deep knowledge of emerging technology give you everything you need to tackle cyber threats and operate securely in a diversifying digital world.

Be protected, informed and empowered. Take control of your information security today.

Feel free to give us a call or drop by our office in Brighton. We can also come to you or have a chat over a coffee.