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Business Services, Education, Consultancy

Who we are

I am a 'People Planning' and strategy expert with 18 years’ experience in developing career development and talent management strategies for individuals and organisations alike. My specialist field is helping start-up entrepreneurs develop a talent pool more likely to turn business goals in to reality.

What we do

As an experienced Coach, Materials Designer & Facilitator, I help organisations align people to strategic goals; the flip-side of which is helping individuals tune-in to their career attributes and develop a deep sense of purpose.

Who we do it for

My speciality is collaborating with SMEs in the 'technology/media/telecoms' space to develop their #PeoplePlan and help them 'fit' people to strategy.

I design career development training programmes to generate employee engagement benefits for any company seeking increases in performance, productivity and talent retention.

This work has seen me work with organisations like: Vodafone, Sun Microsystems, Nortel Networks, Level 3, ICO, Cable & Wireless, Intel, BAe Systems, Schlumberger, BP and Pfizer.